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Defining Our Key Issues

Create A Cleaner Environment

Protecting our natural resources is good for business, consumers and the planet.

The beverage industry is leading responsibly and shaping a smaller footprint to protect our environment for generations to come.

We are efficient water users. We account for only a small portion of the nation's overall water usage - just one out of every 3300 gallons withdrawn from ground or surface water sources.

Our beverage containers are 100% recyclable and are among the most recycled consumer packaging in the nation. And we continue to advocate for greater consumer recycling. We became a founding member of the National Recycling Partnership, along with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, to renew interest in recycling through public education efforts.

Repeal of the Soft Drinks Tax

West Virginia is one of only four states that imposes this blatantly unfair tax.

Soft drink companies are important to West Virginia's economy. They directly employ more than 2000 West Virginians in well-paid jobs that provide health care and retirement benefits. The soft drink industry contributes more than $360 million to West Virginia's economy. This contribution should be applauded, not taxed.

The soft drink tax is regressive and discriminatory. The Governor's Commission on Fair Taxation, a broad-based group of tax experts, recommended the repeal of the tax. All West Virginians will benefit from following the Commission's recommendation and repealing the tax. West Virginia would enjoy a more equitable tax system and reductions in the cost of doing business are regularly passed along to soft drink consumers.

Measuring Our Impact

Total Economic Activity Generated By
West Virginia Beverage Industry: $1.8 Billion

When We Make Beverages, We Make Jobs

The beverage industry creates thousands of jobs throughout the state. Hundreds work directly for beverage companies. Thousands more are employed by businesses that play a vital support role in getting your favorite drink to your local retailer.

Total jobs in West Virginia: 12,222

Industry Total Jobs
Soft Drinks & Related Products 964
Agriculture 415
Manufacturing 1,045
Transportation 703
Wholesale & Retail 5,066
Finance, Insurance, Real Estate 596
Services 2,436
Other 997

Families Depend On Beverage Industry Paychecks

Every month, thousands of families receive millions of dollars in income that is spent throughout our state. Beverage company employees, insurance agents, truck dealerships, real estate agents, farmers and many others owe a portion of their income to beverage companies.

Total wages and benefits in West Virginia: $432,346,000

Inustry Total Compensation
Soft Drinks & Related Products $53,664,000
Agriculture $7,406,000
Manufacturing $64,911,000
Transportation $37,563,000
Wholesale & Retail $102,520,000
Finance, Insurance, Real Estate $28,985,000
Services $100,798,000
Other $36,499,000

Beverage Industry Taxes Help Build Our State

Taxes are the fuel that makes our state go. The beverage industry and supplier partners generate millions of dollars in state and local taxes that pay for schools, roads and other vital services.

Total taxes paid in West Virginia: $75.4 million

Tax Type Amount
State & Local Taxes $35,300,000
Federal Taxes $40,100,000

We Give Back To Our Community

The beverage industry fulfills its responsibility as a good citizen in time and money. Our employees give many hours to everything from little league sports to hospice care. We also donate needed money to schools, youth activities and charities.

Total contributions by beverage industry bottlers and distributors: $1.6 million

$1.6 million

What's New

Kanawha County's 22-year Recycling Ordinance Never Enforced

Officials to Consider Expanded Recycling Program Measure

Water Customers Asked to Recycle Plastic Bottles

Annual Fashion Show features recycled outfits

State revenue continues to decline

Proposal simplifies curbside recycling in Charleston

Meet Our Board

Meet Our Board

From Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated

  • Alison Patient, Chair
  • John Brophy
  • Bob Mietz
  • P. C. Roy
  • David Henry

From Pepsi Bottling Group

  • Mike Legg, Ranking Vice Chair
  • Sandy Austin Feltner
  • Mary Sansom
  • Jim Frye
  • Amber Gore Skibo
  • Darren Clark

From Dr. Pepper/Snapple Group

  • Alex Mahairas



Larry Swann, President
West Virginia Beverage Association
Laidley Tower
500 Lee St. E. Suite 1130B
Charleston, WV 25301
(304) 346-9883

For more information about our industry visit the American Beverage Association.

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